Thank you for your in-kind services and expertise!

Dr. Kyle Bergquist and Kevin Vandenbosch from Seattle Physical Medicine with two Millionair Club Charity participants.

Dr. Kyle Bergquist and Kevin Vandenbosch (center) from Seattle Physical Medicine with two Millionair Club Charity participants.

We have a number of generous individuals and organizations that provide our workers with in-kind preventive health services. These services are important because people who
lack employment and health insurance struggle to find the expert help and knowledge they need to stay healthy.

Donations include dental and vision care services, mental health sessions, meditation classes and assistance to military veterans. The following organizations and individuals deserve many thanks for helping our participants and workers:

Community Psychiatric Clinic
Dr. Kyle Bergquist and Seattle Physical Medicine
Steve Rhoades
Adam Frantz
Seattle University College of Nursing

Meditation teacher seeks to relieve stress in the lives of our workers

Every Friday morning Moni Neradilek leads a meditation session for our participants to help them relieve stress.

Every Friday morning Moni Neradilek leads a meditation session for our participants to help them relieve stress.

Every Friday morning at 8:30 a.m. the main floor of the Millionair Club Charity is uncharacteristically quiet.

A kind and gentle man from the Czech Republic, Moni Neradilek leads a 15-minute meditation session to participants sitting around our tables. Utilizing deep breathing practices, proper posture and emphasizing stillness, Moni’s sessions focus on helping people relieve stress and tension in their lives.

“Meditation helps you keep your poise and can be a source of wisdom,” Moni says.

Bringing 20 years of experience leading meditation exercises, Moni started volunteering his time at the Millionair Club Charity last October. He wants to encourage the participants and workers of the Millionair Club to live lives free of unwanted anxiety and worries. Financial uncertainty, homelessness and the frustrations that come from being jobless can lead to unwanted stress. But Moni is doing what he can to bring peace and calmness back to our participants.

“I’m doing this because I want to provide a little inspiration for the folks here at the Millionair Club Charity,” Moni says.

Mark’s story

Mark says, "I received hope and support because of the Millionair Club."

Mark says, “I received hope and support because of the Millionair Club.”

When Mark first came to the Millionair Club Charity, he made sure he was first in line outside our building to find a job.

Soon, Mark found himself working regular daily assignments through our jobs program. He credits the help he received from the Millionair Club Charity as a lifesaver.

“It gave me an opportunity. It gave me some hope. It showed me that someone cared,” Mark says.

Mark received so much high praise from his work that he quickly moved into full-time employment with benefits. Today, Mark is employed full-time as a corporate maintenance engineer for Silver Cloud Inn where he is given the task of keeping all the company’s regional hotels in prime condition. Mark says this is “a dream come true job” for him.

“If it wasn’t for the Millionair Club, none of this would have happened,” Mark says. “It’s a miracle. The Millionair Club saved my life.”

Client service clinics prepare our workers for the job


In keeping with our commitment to prepare our workers with the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to land long-term employment, the Millionair Club Charity has begun offering an extended array of training classes in important job-related areas.

These client service clinics include training in job safety, customer service and OSHA standards.

“These programs are a win for participants who want to always do the best job possible and a win for employers who can expect top notch customer service,” says Rhonda Kopelli, Director of Employment and Training.

Bewildered by Bequests? Join us for a free planned giving seminar on April 29

Bequest photo

Simply put, a bequest is a gift that you promise in your will or trust to give to a person or organization at a future time. Sounds fairly straightforward, BUT . . . what is the difference between specific, residual and contingent bequests? What is the best kind to make? How do you change a will or trust if you change your mind?

Laura Zeman of Zeman Law Group will lead you through the mysteries of bequests by answering these and other questions and providing some guidance on working with attorneys and other professional advisors. Laura practices in the areas of estate planning and probate, charitable planning and business planning.

You are invited to join us for a free 90-minute seminar. You will leave no longer bewildered by bequests.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Your choice of two locations and times; same seminar.

Rainier Beach Community Center

8825 Rainier Ave S
Seattle, WA  98118

1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Seattle Public Library- Green Lake Branch

7364 E. Green Lake Dr. N.
Seattle, WA 98115

5:45 pm – 7: 45 pm

Parking is free at both locations. Light refreshments will be served.

Space is limited. So RSVP and register for this FREE event by April 22, 2014.

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The Swedish Club helps us celebrate our 93rd birthday

Group shot of volunteers from The Swedish Club.

Group shot of volunteers from The Swedish Club.

In honor of our 93rd birthday, The Swedish Club prepared and served a delicious lunch of meatballs, potatoes and coleslaw to our participants today. We would like to thank them for all their support toward our organization throughout the years.

You can find out more about The Swedish Club by visiting their website and “liking” their page on Facebook.

Swedish volunteers - plate of food


Swedish volunteers - cake

Meet our oldest donor, Joe Epler


When you meet Joe Epler, you see a man who has led a rich and fulfilling life.

At 103 years old, Joe served on the Millionair Club Charity board for 25 years and is still a faithful donor to our organization. Recently members of the Millionair Club Charity board of trustees and staff helped Joe celebrate his 103rd birthday.

When Board President Dan Keto asked Joe why he’s always made it a priority to volunteer during his busy life, Joe says “I can think of only one word – need. There is lots of opportunity to help people in need, but most people don’t recognize it. The Millionair Club Charity always knows the need.”

Born in 1911 in Sherwood, Oregon, Joe was the oldest of five children. When his family struggled through the Depression, Joe left school at age 18 to help support his family. His life took many turns, and he’s had careers as varied as being an aviator to working at the Seattle Fire Department.

But this amazing entrepreneur and family man always found time to help others who are less fortunate. This heart of service brought him to the Millionair Club Charity.

“I have been on many boards of non-profits over the years.  But my 25 years working on the Millionair Club Charity board stands out,” Joe says. “The program has dramatically changed the lives of many over those years and continues to do so.”