Employment Program places its 50th worker into permanent employment in 2013!

A KeyBank volunteer provides advice to our workers.

A KeyBank volunteer provides advice to our workers.

This week our Employment Program officially helped place its 50th worker into permanent employment in 2013!

At the Millionair Club Charity, we’re not just trying to connect our workers to temporary and short-term day labor jobs. We’re also trying to place our workers into permanent jobs so they can attain financial self-reliance.

Our Employment Program staff deserves so much credit for this accomplishment because, understandably, it is not easy finding these placements during these tough economic times. This is also why we deeply appreciate the help we received from the KeyBank volunteers and the Enactus team from City University of Seattle.

Thanks to their unique contributions, we are helping our workers search for and secure employment in ways that are more comprehensive and effective. We will continue our efforts to give our workers every opportunity to rebuild their lives.

Congratulations to our workers, staff and volunteers for this superb achievement! We should also extend thanks to all the homeowners and businesses who have ever hired our workers.

These successes could not happen without you.

City University of Seattle students mentor Millionair Club Charity workers

Students from the City University of Seattle Enactus team.

Students from the City University of Seattle Enactus team.

Three Millionair Club Charity participants recently secured permanent full-time jobs thanks to help from a new partnership with students from City University of Seattle.

Committed to changing the world with an entrepreneurial spirit, the students are part of Enactus, an international organization that brings together students, academics and business leaders to help people in need through entrepreneurial projects.

The City University of Seattle’s Enactus team works with Millionair Club Charity participants to support them with resume writing, providing job interview tips, setting up e-mail accounts, teaching basic computer skills, identifying employment skills and possible fits and developing an on-going mentorship relationship.

“We work with Millionair Club participants by trying to find job placements for them,” says Monika Petrova, a graduate student and Enactus team leader. “We’re like personal mentors to them.”

The students visit the Millionair Club Charity every other Monday morning to work with our workers. Sandrine Omog, one of the Enactus team members, says she and her fellow students are working hard to serve our workers in the best way possible.

“Working with the Millionair Club is one of the great partnerships Enactus City U has developed,” Sandrine says. “We are definitely planning to continue to find solutions to help the Millionair Club workers lead better and sustainable lives.”

The Enactus team plans to organize a clothing drive on the City University of Seattle campus this summer and will donate all the collected items to the Millionair Club Charity. We look forward to seeing how far this exciting new partnership can go!

Thank you Celebrity Waiters Luncheon waiters and guests!


The Millionair Club Charity was honored to be the beneficiary of the 29th Annual Celebrity Waiters Luncheon on Friday, May 10, at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel. More than 300 guests arrived decked out in costumes from old Hollywood movies to help raise funds to support our employment and housing programs.

We would like to thank all the guests, waiters, Celebrity Waiters Luncheon organization, corporate sponsors, volunteers, The Fairmont Olympic Hotel, Millionair Club Charity staff and Board members who made this event possible.

Seattle man will jump 30,000 feet for the Millionair Club Charity

Larry Kaminer photo

Larry Kaminer, Seattle businessman and adventurer, will make a 30,000-foot H.A.L.O. (high altitude, low opening) skydive jump to benefit the Millionair Club Charity this August. Only about 120 civilians have ever completed a tandem jump like this before.

At 30,000 feet, which is the typical cruising altitude of commercial airplanes, Larry will freefall for two minutes before deploying his parachute.

Larry is the founder and president of Personal Safety Training Group, a Seattle-based company that offers crime avoidance training to corporate employees and their families. An avid outdoorsman, Larry is doing this jump to raise awareness about the Millionair Club Charity’s work in serving unemployed and homeless men and women in the Seattle area.

Larry’s goal is to raise $30,000–one dollar for every foot he will jump. You can make a donation by visiting jumpforjobs.kintera.org. Every dollar raised will go directly to benefit Millionair Club Charity workers.

Spread the word by telling your friends, family and coworkers about this unique event!

KeyBank volunteers help Millionair Club Charity workers with job hunting

A KeyBank volunteer assisting one of our program participants.

A KeyBank volunteer assisting one of our program participants. Photo courtesy of Scott Eklund.

The Millionair Club Charity put KeyBank to work the morning of May 22, 2013 when 12 volunteers reported for duty as part of Key’s 23rd Annual Neighbors Make the Difference Day.

The KeyBank team met our program participants and provided job searching assistance – delivering resume tips, interview coaching and practice navigating online employment opportunities.

We help rebuild lives by providing job opportunities—daily work assignments, temporary jobs and permanent employment—to Seattle-area men and women seeking employment. We also provide essential wrap-around services, including connections to housing, hot meals, showers, laundry services, eye care and preventive medical care to support our workers’ success and help address unemployment and homelessness in our region.

“Thousands of men and women in our area are still affected by the recession and are looking for work,” said Jim Miller, executive director of the Millionair Club Charity. “It was great to have these business-savvy volunteers on hand to help our prospective workers with job hunting skills.”

On Neighbors Make a Difference Day, about two-thirds of KeyBank employees from Maine to Alaska made a difference in their respective communities. That adds up to more than 30,000 volunteer hours worth approximately $900,000. In the past 22 years, Key employees have given more than half a million volunteer hours through Neighbors Day.

One of the many organizations KeyBank employees served, the Millionair Club Charity fits with the bank’s mission to help people become more independent and financially self-sufficient.

“Having the opportunity to mentor people who are actively seeking employment was a privilege. It was rewarding to help them identify and apply their management and work experience,” said Christine Liu, senior vice president and senior business banker at KeyBank.

“We also had fun doing this as a team and would highly recommend this volunteer opportunity to any team who wishes to make a difference in their community,” Liu says.

After the employment counseling session, KeyBank volunteers assisted in serving a hot, nutritious meal, another vital service that we provide to our workers to fuel them for the job.