Meet Stella, one of our youngest donors!

Stella (r) with Cary Calkins, the Millionair Club Charity's Director of Business Development.

Stella with Cary Calkins, the Millionair Club Charity’s Director of Business Development.

We would like you to Meet Stella, perhaps the youngest donor who has ever given to the Millionair Club Charity!

Stella is 9 years old and visited the Millionair Club Charity back in December when her school created artworks that decorated the downstairs dining hall during the Christmas season. The one aspect of our organization that struck her interest the most was our showers facility.

Not wanting anyone to be unable to take a nice hot shower, Stella decided that instead of receiving gifts for her birthday, she’d rather raise money from her friends and donate it to the Millionair Club Charity!

She recently stopped by the Millionair Club and happily dropped off a check for a little more than $100 that she wishes will provide more showers to men and women in our community.

Stella, her brother Luca and her mom Kim plan on returning this December to put together hygiene kits for our participants. Thank you Stella for your inspirational generosity!

Stella with her brother Luca and her mother Kim.

Stella with her brother Luca and her mother Kim.

New “retired” 8-passenger van will benefit our employment program

Our new van is now officially here!

Our new van is now officially here!

On May 27, the Metropolitan King County Council awarded the Millionair Club Charity a “retired” King County Metro 8-passenger van.

The County Council decided to award a series of these vans to local area nonprofit organizations who serve people with special needs, seniors, youth and low-income individuals. The Millionair Club Charity submitted a grant requesting one of these “retired” vans.

We were informed in early June that the County Council unanimously decided to accept our proposal. Now, the van is officially in our possession!

The new van will assist our employment program in a variety of ways; including transporting workers to job sites, allowing us to inspect job sites for safety compliance and taking participants to employment training opportunities and other support services.

We’d like to thank the Metropolitan King County Council and King County Metro for generously granting us this van that many men and women in our jobs program will benefit from. Thank you!

Meet Teresa: A former Millionair Club employee now giving back to others in our community

Teresa with members of the Millionair Club Charity employment staff. From left to right, Mariah, Rhonda, Teresa and Sherrill.

Teresa with members of the Millionair Club Charity employment staff. From left to right, Mariah, Rhonda, Teresa and Sherrill.

When Teresa Toomer moved to Seattle last December, she did so with the intention of helping her brother Virgil get through his health problems. In the end, Virgil ended up helping her as well.

Virgil has been a Millionair Club Charity participant since 1998, regularly getting assignments in moving, landscaping and general labor. After suffering some health issues, his sister became concerned about him and decided to move from North Carolina to Seattle to care for him. Teresa left her job as a substitute teacher and had to start all over in a new city.

Knowing how the organization had helped him, Virgil recommended she go to the Millionair Club to earn some money doing temporary jobs while she looked for a permanent position. After working at two short-term jobs through the Millionair Club Charity, Teresa briefly worked in our dispatch office before landing employment with Catholic Community Services.

“We would like to congratulate Teresa for landing this new job at Catholic Community Services,” says lead dispatcher Doug Hamre. “She is a special and kind person and we are very happy for her success.”

Teresa credits the Millionair Club Charity for helping her get started in the city of Seattle when she arrived here without a job.

“I want to thank the Millionair Club,” Teresa says. “They reached out to me and made me feel like they wanted to help me and make sure I could find a full-time job.”

New expanded employment programs to help businesses meet the demand for staffing

Annie B. Stills-90 - warehouse action

Do you need help meeting your business’s demand for temporary or permanent labor? The Millionair Club Charity has expanded its services to help meet a wider range of businesses’ needs for flexible staffing.

Our workers can help property owners with residential move-out cleanings when tenants vacant a property. We are also currently training workers to help restaurants fill vacant positions in food prep and dishwashing at a moment’s notice.

We also offer general labor, landscaping assistance and maintenance services as well.

Businesses can hire our workers for $18 per hour, and we take care of the paperwork and cover L&I, Social Security and unemployment insurance.

We believe these new expanded programs will help us achieve our goal of moving 100 men and women in our employment program into steady employment opportunities that pay a fair wage. If you are interested in learning more about hiring our workers, contact Cary Calkins at 206-957-3849 or