A Huge Thank You to Jennifer and Ryan, from Walman Optical!

A huge thank you to Jennifer Felix and Ryan Befort, representatives from Walman Optical, for their generous donation to our Vision Clinic! They are manufacturing eye glasses for free, and using a better quality lens (polycarbonate versus plastic), and eye glass frames. They will also provide free instrument repair, supplies, and transport the glasses for manufacture after every clinic. Last year we were able to provide almost 600 appointments and pairs of glasses to individuals in need.


We are grateful to Walman Optical for allowing us to continue this service to the community!



Kitchen Task Force Begins


The Millionair Club Charity is excited to announce the first meeting of our kitchen task force, and would like thank task force members for their participation!


Community members, board members and MCC staff form the new group, which includes representatives from Tom Douglas Restaurants, Seattle Sorbets, Schwartz Brothers, Schuster Group, Lifelong and UPS. It’s meant to find creative ways to add to our current kitchen programming while existing programs like our meals, kitchen rental and volunteer program, continue. The task force will help us to work smoothly through a renovation plan which accommodates these new additions.


This week began the process with a tour of the kitchen, a discussion of the mission of the task force, and a bit of brainstorming about program innovation. Next week, task force members plan on digging deeper in to the need for kitchen training programs for Millionair Club workers and the Seattle restaurant industry.


We’re excited for the innovations coming from this group, and grateful for all who participated!

Couldn’t Have Imagined A Better Experience


Temporary Staffing Solutions sent out four workers — John, Raistlin, Sean and Moises — to a moving job this past week.

Paula Head, General Manager of Tourmap Company, said that she couldn’t have imagined a better experience. “All of the workers showed up early, ready to go, and energetic. There was an issue with the shipping container—and it showed  up 4 hours late.  All of the workers insisted that they stay until the container arrived and the job was finished.  I was extremely impressed. It was dreary and cold and they all stayed in high spirits.  The workers seemed perfectly  placed to work together and they all showed a real allegiance to The Millionair Club Charity, which I found very touching. I would never hesitate to use MCC workers for any hiring needs—and I will spread the good word about your organization.”

Dick Spady Tribute

Dick SpadyA Tribute to the Real Burger King

A burger, a shake, and an order of fries

made Spady a leader both wealthy and wise.

His money and wisdom would nourish the hopes

of the hungry and homeless who barely could cope.

A basin, a towel, and a heart for the poor,

Dick served like his Savior without keeping score.

May God bless his mem’ry, may Dick’s Drive-Ins thrive,

as his faith is remembered by we who survive.

Peace to Dick Spady’s memory!

by Pastor Greg Asimakoupoulos

Privileged to know this remarkable man and call him a friend.