“This gives me hope.”

job club class deanna croppedThe kick-off of a new training series at the Millionair Club Charity called “Job Club” was a great success! Fifteen Millionair Club Charity workers were fully engaged with the interactive knowledge that was being presented by trainer Deanna, who showed how creating new habits with positive outcomes can help move people towards their goals. Among some of the wonderful feedback from job club attendees, “this gives me hope,” resonated amongst many.

Job Club- Three Phases of Trainings

“Job Club” Phase 1–   weekly for 6 weeks-1.25 hours each

This session will cover the basics of resume structure, job skills, safety, and employer expectations in today’s job market. Moving, Housekeeping, Yard Maintenance and earned certificates. Guest speaker/trainers

“Career Club”- Phase 2– weekly for 6 weeks-1.50 hours each

Builds on phase ones topics but gets deeper. This session will include introduction to personal finance, and guest speakers/trainers to give applications of skills to a specific job fields.

 “Executive Club”- Phase 3- weekly for 6 weeks-2.0 hours each

More in depth job specific trainings such as Moving, Housekeeping, Yard Maintenance and earned certificates. Money Management, and life skills and leisure time management.

Careers start at Century Link



Tonight almost 200 Millionair Club Charity workers will be cooking, pouring beverages, and serving food at concessions all over Century Link stadium, as the Seattle Sounders kick-off their 2016 soccer season in a thrilling CONCACAF tournament game against the inimitable Club America.  But whether the Sounders win or lose, the MCC workers will all be achieving their goal of gaining vital income for themselves and their families; and getting valuable experience that could result in a career in the food industry.

See how two Millionair Club Charity workers helped rebuild their lives by working at Century Link stadium concessions HERE.

Help rebuild a life – Hire a worker

Last month, 7 men found a permanent job through the Millionair Club Charity’s supportive employment program.Dylan was one of the 7.

Dylan Turk compass kitchen microsoft campus

In January, Dylan got a job as a cook for the caterers that serve the Microsoft campus.  He had been living in his van for about a month when he came to the Millionair Club.  He said he had no money and no connections and was beginning to get depressed. “The nice security guard at the MCC made me feel safe; and  the good food and cheerful people in the employment program made me feel powerful and positive.”

With MCC’s help, Dylan obtained his food handler’s card, alcohol server license, and work clothes.  After two months working the concessions at Century Link stadium, he was offered a permanent job at Compass Catering, who services the Microsoft Campus. “People like me want change, we’re not showing up to waste time, we want to change our lives.  We’ve made choices, but now we want change, we want help. We’re to the point where we realize we need to ask for help,” Dylan said.

By choosing to fill your employment and household help needs at the Millionair Club Charity, you are contributing to the future of people like Dylan. You are helping to provide regular meals, job coaching, clothing and hygiene services, and stability to others like him.

“It’s not about what’s your past — let’s not dwell on that.  Let’s look forward and show you how to overcome your problems – the MCC is a problem solver,” Dylan said.

Problem solve with us, for the members of our community who need it most. Request a worker here.

2016 Letter from the Executive Director, James Miller


Jim Coffee

January 26, 2016

There is definite hope for people like you, who care about the solution to homelessness in our community. As we reflect on the past 94 years of providing jobs and support services to men and women in this community, we have never seen this level of growth and success.

Thanks to donors and supporters in 2015, there was almost DOUBLE growth in the success of our employment program over 2014:

  • Workers enrolled in the program grew from 425 to 758
  • Job Assignments increased from 5,900 to 11,295
  • Permanent Job Placements multiplied from 75 to 139

I believe two factors were major contributors for this success:

  • A network of over 1,100 employers is now utilizing the temporary staffing services of our supportive employment program
  • The lease of our own affordable housing apartment building in downtown Seattle – the Kasota Apartments — gives workers speedy access to shelter, so they can concentrate on their search for work

You will also be happy to know that there is a double benefit for taxpayers in these numbers:  not only are under-privileged men and women rebuilding their lives, taxpayers save between about $40,000 per each person that is taken off the streets (The U.S. Dept. of Housing & Urban Development).  That means Millionair Club Charity supporters saved community taxpayers around $ 5.6 million dollars.

Thank you again for being part of the solution to homelessness and unemployment in our community.  In 2016 I hope to report that construction of a new shower and laundry facility in our building will TRIPLE the capacity to help people become job ready.


James Miller

p.s. – 2016 marks our 95th anniversary.  Look for an invitation to celebrate your contributions to almost a century of success at Chef Showcase and the Employment Excellence Awards next fall.

The Millionair Club Charity’s Kasota Apartments:

Affordable Housing that Strengthens Chance for Job Success


A Room of his Own after Five Years of Homelessness

Scott AAfter his dad lost his job and fell into a depression, Scott and his dad became homeless.  They wandered for five years, state to state, finding agencies who would give them financial assistance, but nothing ever permanently changed their condition, until they came to Seattle and visited the Millionair Club Charity. We could see Scott was very employable, and were able to get him a work interview immediately.  But Scott needed a place to sleep, shower, and wash his clothes to be ready for work on an everyday basis.  That’s when we moved Scott to the Kasota Apartments — and his career took off.  Not only did Scott achieve a permanent job at a local restaurant, he was promoted several times and earned enough money to move out into a place of his own.  “I don’t know if there are MCC programs in other states,” says Scott, “but there should be!”


A Chance to Take Off “Like a Rocket”

Arthur VThe untimely death of his beloved sister sent Arthur into a tail spin and he ended up on the street. For two years he tried to get back on his feet using different aid programs but he experienced a revolving door of delays and setbacks. “It was like being in a spinner, mixed around and around, with no results…I was trying to get housing with this one program. For three months I was pestering the guy. Finally he sat me down and said, listen, ‘You’re caught up in the system, and you have to find a way out of this system before you can get back into society.”

Arthur found a way out when he heard about the Millionair Club. “All I heard was the word ‘work.’ And I knew the Millionair Club was for me. I love to work, always have. The Millionair Club got me into their Kasota apartment building. When I got those keys, I was like, man is this really happening? When you’ve been homeless and then you have a place to stay, it’s just a stellar moment. Now, when I go to bed at night and I hear that wind, and it’s like, thank you lord, that I’m inside.”  With the MCC’s help, Arthur started work part time at Century Link stadium, and quickly offered a full time job as a cook.  “And that’s a skill, it’s not just a job,” points out Arthur proudly. “Now I can find kitchen work anywhere in this city.”

“The other programs were just stagnant,” continues Arthur. “That’s the thing about the Millionair Club, they go out of their way for you, they make it happen. And when you give me a chance, I just take off like a rocket.”

Congratulations to Lindsey Webb on her new leadership position as chair of the Food Lifeline Member Agency Council

Congratulations to Lindsey Webb on her new leadership position as chair of the Food Lifeline Member Agency Council! Lindsey will be spearheading meetings for the Council, which concern the way Food Lifeline distributes donations to food banks and meal programs like our’s at The Millionair Club Charity.


Lindsey will be leading discussions about ways to offer healthier food, how to “shorten the line” at our organizations, work on the root causes of hunger, and how to better collaborate with other organizations in our region in order to provide more food to more people. The council is a particularly good way to connect with organizations that have a similar goal of feeding hungry people, but face diverse challenges in meeting this goal.

Lindsey holds an MS in Food Policy, which she says opened her eyes to the way “food is involved in so many different issue areas: economic development, poverty and homelessness, environment, transportation, animal welfare…the list goes on. Paying serious attention to issues of food access and nutrition and changing our food system so that it serves us better would solve a lot of other seemingly unrelated problems.” She’s particularly interested in access to healthy foods- and believes that “the food system can provide enough healthy food for everyone… Here at the Millionair Club Charity, our small part of the solution is growing lettuce on site so we can serve salad (loaded with other vegetables) a few times per week.”

Shout out to our very excellent neighbors at Zulily

Shout out to our very excellent neighbors at Zulily, who have organized their own toiletries drive for our workers!

From the drive we’ll be able to provide socks, toothbrushes, shampoo and conditioner, as well as some bedding and clothing items to our workers. A big thank you to Zulily for their multifaceted involvement in our programs- including the many volunteer groups who have served lunch at The Millionair Club Charity.

The support we’ve received from them is truly impressive!