Game Day!

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Seattle Sports & Supportive Employment! 

G is for Game Day and that means JOBS for Seattle’s homeless and unsheltered. At the Millionair Club Charity, we love our Seahawks, Sounders, and Mariners, and they love us back: Century Link and Safeco are two of our top employers. Since July, MCC workers have clocked almost 50,000 hours serving up concessions at your Seattle stadiums and arenas!

Check out MCC workers Robert and Sophia, on the Job at Century Link:


Employment has always been the centerpiece of the Millionair Club Charity’s mission and we are proud to support employment opportunities for Seattle’s homeless and unsheltered. Last year the Millionair Club Charity connected 758 workers to 11,295 work assignments.

G is for Game Day! Give BIG and help the MCC connect Seattle’s homeless and unsheltered with life changing employment! 
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In-Unit at the Kasota Apartments

Beyond shelter at the MCC’s Kasota Apartment

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At the Millionair Club Charity we believe that housing is vital to the success of our workers – a peaceful place to sleep; secure storage for belongings; and the ability to shower and do laundry. You might take these things for granted, but just imagine going to work every day without them!

Housing is crucial for individuals striving towards long term employment, and yet; so many MCC workers are homeless (60%). That’s not surprising: the average waitlist time for low-income housing in Seattle is 18 months to 2 years! In 2015 the Millionair Club Charity responded to this crisis by opening the doors of our Kasota Apartment building. Let’s hear from Arthur, one of our hardworking residents:

“It all happened just like that! [Housing] would have taken months through any other organization, but I was able to move in four days early with a grace period for rent. That’s huge. When I got those keys, I was like, man is this really happening? When you’ve been homeless you know, and then you have a place to stay, it’s just a stellar moment.”

Our residents enjoy speedy placement and pay a heavily subsided rent of just $500. Kasota is a transitional housing project, and our residents live in the building for up to two years. During that time, residents are able to rebuild their credentials as reliable tenants. Proof of stable tenancy allows them to secure future housing!

At Kasota, our goal is to maximize the life changing impact of housing by ensuring the highest quality of life for every resident. Each unit has a small kitchenette with a microwave, sink and mini-refrigerator. Shower and laundry facilities are free and can be enjoyed dormitory style within the building.

It’s all included, in-unit, so our residents can focus on stabilizing their lives through long-term or permanent job placement!


Washer dryer


Barbecue Chicken

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A delicious stop on the road to job readiness

Every year the Millionair Club Charity serves around 86,000 meals. We are one of the five largest open community meals programs in Seattle. (And the only one that’s been right here in Belltown for over 90 years!) Every weekday we serve breakfast and hot lunch to anyone seeking sustenance in the downtown Seattle area. To ensure that all of our workers are job ready, we provide sack lunches for program participants to take on the job site.

MCC meals are hot, nutritious, and a vital element of the job readiness equation. But that’s not all! Last year, we surveyed our meals program participants and asked them some important questions, like, “What’s your favorite meal at the MCC?” The answer: Barbecue Chicken!

And that’s the MCC difference. With our meals program it’s more than just the basics, it’s about the dignity of delicious. That’s why all over our meals are prepared in house by an incredible five person kitchen team. We love to go the extra mile with our meals, especially during the holidays when we host special, restaurant style lunch services. At these celebrations our superstar volunteers bring seasonal delicacies straight to the table for Seattle’s homeless and unsheltered.

You can serve Seattle by donating to the Millionair Club Charity. Lend your support on or before May 3rd, and the Seattle Foundation will match a portion of your gift. 

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Little Details, BIG Opportunities



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There are so many wonderful organizations in the Emerald city, but we think the Millionair Club Charity really stands out from the crowd. What makes our mission unique? Let’s hear from Scott, an MCC worker and Kasota apartment resident:

[the Millionair Club Charity] is a place where you can shower, eat, do your laundry, they have clothes if you need it, anything. Then they find you work – it’s key! I don’t know if there is a Millionair Club anywhere else, but there should be.”

Scott’s favorite thing about the MCC is, well, everything! And we have to agree. With all the supportive services that the MCC offers (in addition to our trademark emphasis on employment), we can’t seem to pick just one thing to celebrate this spring.

In honor of Seattle’s upcoming #GiveBIG day (May 3rd) we’ll be using social media to spotlight THREE aspects of what we do here at the Millionair Club Charity: MEALS, HOUSING, and JOBS. It’s all about those unique details that make a BIG impact for the homeless and unsheltered individuals we serve.Get excited, the first post is coming Monday, can you guess the topic?

Here’s a hint: it’s an MCC favorite that starts with the letter B…