Shared Vision: Now a Reality

This week at the Millionair Club Charity, family members of the late R. Danner Graves paid a visit to our new Shower & Laundry Facility. Mr. Graves played a crucial role in the creation of the new facility, and the Laundry Room will proudly feature a plaque commemorating Danner’s contribution.


Executive Director, Jim Miller visits with family members of R. Danner Graves

As a member of the MCC Board of Trustees, Mr. Graves had a strong, working relationship with our Executive Director Jim Miller. Jim explains the friendship like this:

“I met Danner over a shared enthusiasm for showers – not our own, of course; but the need for hygiene centers that could help people who are homeless get a shower and wash their clothes, so they could be ready for work. Danner joined our board determined to help expand and renovate our old hygiene facility. Danner’s vision is now a reality: the new Shower and Laundry Center at the Millionair Club Charity has TRIPLE the capacity to help men and women who are homeless in our community.” The improved facilities include: 12 stacked washer/dryers; 6 showers;  6 sinks; new floor; new air ducts; and handicapped accessibility. 

We mourn for the loss experienced by Danner’s family, but we are honored that the family visited the MCC and helped us celebrate the life of this philanthropic champion. Danner’s legacy of caring and compassion lives on at the Millionair Club Charity.

Pops_Obit Photo

Philanthropic Champion, R. Danner Graves


Brand New! 12 Stacked Washer/Dryers at the MCC


Chef Showcase 2016

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2016 Chef Showcase featuring the Annual Employment Excellence Awards: Chef Showcase is a night when the Seattle community gathers to celebrate excellence!

The event kicks off with culinary excellence: four of Seattle’s top restaurants each create two savory entrees served in the Spanish “tapas” style (small plates).  Our 2016 restaurant partners include Ethan Stowell Collective, Joule Restaurant, Chavez Restaurant, and Hamanasu Seattle. These diverse culinary treats will be expertly paired with tastes of fine wine from Alexandria Nicole Cellars. Dessert provided by Seattle Sorbets.

The culmination of the evening will be the Millionair Club Charity’s announcement of the annual Employment Excellence Awards.  These include:

  • Employer of the Year
  • Employee of the Year
  • Community Partner of the Year

“Folks should get ready for some really inspiring stories from our award winners,” says executive director Jim Miller. “The Millionair Club Charity has an outstanding group of over 700 workers that go on over 11,000 jobs a year for almost 1,100 employers. From that large group of people, employers and community partners, we are going to introduce you to the ‘best of the best’, truly amazing examples of employment success.”

Your tickets are waiting here -> 2016 Chef Showcase & Millionair Club Charity Employment Excellence Awards


200 Millionair Club Charity employment program supporters

Date & Location:

Thursday, September 29, 2016, 6 pm to 8 pm, at 415 Westlake in South Lake Union.


$50 per individual; $90 per couple; $100 for VIP entry, which includes a hosted wine bar & gift bag.

For more information about Chef Showcase, please contact Alice Cowens at or by phone at 206-957-3846

About the Millionair Club Charity

Since its founding in 1921, the Millionair Club Charity has never lost sight of its vision: that everyone should have access to jobs and support services.  Specialists in providing tools to rebuild the self-confidence and dignity of people who are homeless and unemployed, the Millionair Club Charity connects people with jobs, skills training, housing assistance, meals, showers, laundry facilities, work clothes, and free eye glasses.  In 2015, this successful formula prepared 758 men and women for work, connected them with 11,295 jobs and earned 139 people  permanent employment, saving community taxpayers up to  $40,000 per person – over $5.5 million dollars!

Celebrity Waiters Luncheon: Success!


The incredible Celebrity Waiters and their generous community guests raised $350,000 to upgrade the kitchen at the Millionair Club Charity. That’s $350,000 for Seattle’s homeless and disadvantaged! 


All of us at the Millionair Club Charity are simply overwhelmed by the amazing community support at this year’s Celebrity Waiters Luncheon. On behalf of Seattle’s homeless and unsheltered, the Millionair Club Charity thanks YOU for your generosity.

Your support is helping to fund the expansion and upgrade of the Millionair Club Charity’s Kitchen. Every year, our kitchen produces 86,000 hot nutritious breakfasts and lunches, making it one of the top five largest open meals programs in Seattle. But with antiquated equipment and aging facilities, the future of our hot meals program has been in jeopardy.


Not any longer. Thanks to your generous support (and an incredible matching grant of $150,000) CWL raised $350,000 to upgrade the kitchen at the Millionair Club Charity. As a result, our meals program will stay strong for Seattle’s neediest men and women, and our expanded facilities will enhance food industry training options for the MCC’s supportive employment program.

Thank you again for your participation at CWL 2016, and for your support of the Millionair Club Charity.

Spanish Ballroom wide shot

The Millionair Club believes every person deserves an opportunity to improve his or her life. Thanks for helping us provide that opportunity to thousands of people this year. 


Thank You Give BIG Supporters

Champions for Seattle Homeless

On behalf of Seattle’s homeless and unsheltered, the Millionair Club Charity thanks you for supporting transformative employment during Give BIG 2016!

This year’s campaign was full of ups and downs, but through all the technical difficulties, YOU kept giving. (Over $20,000. Wow!) Thank you to the charitable champions who tirelessly pressed the re-fresh button, and to those mavericks of compassion who went their own way, back to the Millionair Club’s classic donation page!

This year, the goal was $15,000 in support of Seattle’s homeless and unsheltered. But you didn’t just achieve that goal, you blew right past it! Your combined support on May 3rd and May 4th brought in OVER $20,000! And with a partial match in the pipeline (thanks Seattle Foundation) that number will grow even bigger.

What does your support means for Seattle’s homeless and unsheltered? Let’s hear from Arthur, an MCC worker who achieved housing and full-time employment in the food industry through our programs:

“The other programs were just stagnant. That’s the thing about the Millionair’s Club, they go out of their way for you, they make it happen. And when you give me a chance I just take off like a rocket.”

Arthur C. Holding Pot 2.jpg


It’s donors like you who make the MCC so unique. You provide critical support services that empower job seekers like Arthur to lift themselves out of homelessness. There is a crisis of homelessness in our Seattle community, and your support of the Millionair Club Charity makes you a vital part of the solution.