Rudy’s Story #seaHomeless


Today, Seattle will speak out on an inhumane reality and strategize around solutions. The conversation is taking place NOW on social media. Check out the MCC’s twitter and get involved with the conversation. Here.

Dignity for all! #seaHomeless promises to lift a diversity of voices and boost a variety of solutions. The Millionair Club is a part of this conversation and we are offering our unique “jobs first” approach.

Rudy’s Story

Rudy Good

Life in a Seattle homeless shelter had brought Rudy to a crisis point. At age 40, Rudy was illiterate. He found a program to get his G.E.D., but after five months of shelter life he was getting sick. “As strong as I thought I was, I would wake up with headaches and lay down to sleep with headaches. I just couldn’t get any rest, so my hands were always shaking, and I would just doze off wherever I was.”

That’s when Rudy turned to the Millionair Club Charity for help. “I was afraid because of my education, no one would help me, but when I got to the MCC you guys were wonderful.” Within one week Rudy had been placed in a night job that accommodated his school schedule, and he was living in the MCC’s transitional housing at the Kasota apartments- which meant a room of his own to call home.

“Now I can breathe,” says Rudy. “I’m sleeping. Once I get my G.E.D., I would like to get into computers. I if could tell the whole world, I would tell them to come to the Millionair Club, it helped me, and I’m sure it could help others.”

About the Millionair Club Charity & the “Jobs First” Approach

The MCC specializes in offering wrap-around services that help people like Rudy, who are experiencing homelessness and other barriers to employment, become job-ready. These wrap-around services include meals, transitional housing, a shower and laundry center, job training, occupational licensing, work clothing, safety equipment, and a temporary staffing agency that places people in jobs. The ultimate goal is to get these individuals placed in permanent jobs. Congratulations Rudy, we are in awe of your drive and determination.

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THERE WAS A SHOWER OF GENEROSITY TODAY, when a $10,000 check was presented by Carol Nelson, Seattle Market President for KeyBank, to MCC Executive Director Jim Miller in the MCC’s new Shower and Laundry Center. 

The check was the second payment on a $20,000 grant awarded to the MCC to pay for an electrical upgrade of the Millionair Club Charity’s Belltown headquarters.  The increased electrical capacity enabled the MCC to QUINTUPLE the amount of washers and dryers we can utilize for washing our workers’ clothes so that they can be ready for work.

We are thankful for the partnership of KeyBank with our mission.  Key Bank employees are loyal volunteers at the MCC – cleaning our transitional housing units at the Kasota Apartments just last spring.

 Did you know that laundry is our worker’s #1 out-of-pocket expense? 


Save Big w/ Safety @ the MCC

Safety Alert! Overexertion is the # 1 reported workplace injury in the U.S., and the repetitive motion injury (you can get an RMI just by typing) is # 9.

Hazards in the Workplace are real no matter how “safe” a job seems. The good news: the Millionair Club Charity will be holding a series of two-day Occupational Health and Safety Trainings.* The upcoming sessions at the MCC (usually $80) are FREE to members of our employment program; and only $40 per trainee for interested businesses. This deal is a real lifesaver, and that’s NO joke. Despite OSHA regulations, 13 Americans die on the job EVERY DAY. That # should be zero.

Dates are: June 13/14; June 27/28; July 11/12; July 25/26.

Please Email for more info, or to schedule a training for YOUR business.

You’ve probably heard the name OSHA, but did you know: since OSHA’s inception in 1970, the rate of workplace injury & illness in the U.S. has decreased by 66% (even though overall employment rates have doubled).Discover more life saving facts about workplace health & safety: OSHA Health & Safety Training

*The specific training is the OSHA 10 Hour, General Health and Safety Training.