Introducing the Next STEP for our MCC Employment Program

Each year the Millionair Club Charity’s employment program helps over 1,000 men and women who are homeless or living in poverty become “job ready” and connect to employment opportunities. To enhance job readiness, the Millionair Club Charity (MCC) offers a variety of free services to meet the specific needs of people living at low income levels or on the streets. Services to facilitate job readiness include:

  • Meals
  • Showers
  • Laundry
  • Storage Lockers
  • Work Clothes
  • Computer Access
  • And so much more

Once individuals feel ready to work, they can access jobs through our temporary staffing agency, a supportive employment program that is utilized  by over 1,000 employers in the greater Seattle area. In 2016 MCC workers were employed on 15,000 days of work, meeting the staffing needs of our diverse employer base. The ultimate goal is for the MCC worker to find a permanent job with a living wage. In 2016, 232 men and women achieved this goal.

In January 2017, the MCC identified the need to motivate workers in the employment program to obtain additional training that would make them more successful at finding and keeping permanent jobs. This new program is called STEP- Strategy, Training, Employment, and Performance. The STEP program has a four level structure, with each level bringing enhanced status for workers within our employment program hierarchy. STEP uses incentives to motivate workers to attend workshops on a variety of topics designed to enhance their job search and on-the-job performance.

From Bronze to Platinum, each STEP level increases job readiness to improve our clients long term job goals, from a simple safety training in the MCC’s computer lab, all the way to opening up a bank account with the help of MCC staff. Eddie, pictured below, comes to the MCC every morning and gets great feedback from employers. He has now graduated into the Gold level of STEP. Congrats Eddie.

SONY DSCTo date, 17 clients have achieved the Silver level, 12 have achieved Gold, and 3 have accomplished the Platinum level. In all, our MCC job seekers have attended STEP workshops on 158 occasions. 

The MCC staff reports that employers are more eager to hire workers that have achieved levels of competence through trainings, and have earned designations that show those achievements. The MCC staff looks forward to reporting more on STEP, and its impact on permanent employment and job retention success at the end of 2017!

You can benefit a worker like Eddie by hiring through our MCC staffing service, or by donating to help our workers increase job readiness through MCC support services.

The Millionair Club Charity’s supportive employment program is a social enterprise that is a proud subgrantee of the Social Innovation Fund (SIF) and a member of the REDF portfolio. 

Spring Cleaning at the MCC

20170308_113537Spring Cleaning at the Millionair Club Charity: last week, a can-do team of volunteers from Sellen Construction helped us organize our clothing closet. The MCC’s closet  of donated clothing and shoes is a crucial resource for job seekers who are accessing work through the MCC’s employment program.

Our workforce comes in eager to get out on the job, but many of them lack clothing and shoes that meet professional and safety standards for the job site. That’s where the clothing closet comes in, outfitting our workers for job success with items like black slacks and non-slip shoes, both of which are required for food service jobs at CenturyLink stadium and Safeco Field.Work boots, often donated by MCC partner Redwing Shoes, are another job essential, increasing safety for day labor assignments such as moving and yard work.

In 2016, our MCC clothing closet helped 781 workers access job ready attire, and the MCC employment program accomplished 16,258 days of work!

Doing some spring cleaning of your own? You can donate gently used items appropriate for outdoor work or black slacks for events. Please email us or drop by during our office hours, or, reach out online by giving socks, slacks, and shoes through our Amazon Wish List and outfit a job seeker in need.

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