Grateful for an Opportunity to “better himself.” Read Sam’s Story Here


Sam in the MCC Computer Lab!

Thank you donors and supporters: you enable the Millionair Club Charity to run a supportive employment program with many services and one convenient location. You help people who are homeless become job ready. People just like Sam…

Sam was homeless when he arrived at the Millionair Club Charity (MCC).  He had tried to find work through other agencies but didn’t have success, until he came to the MCC. What was different?

“The application process is easy. It’s organized, and when they send you out on a job, there’s a schedule,” points out Sam “and they work out a bus route for you that’s always perfect, so you can get to work.  They even give us a lunch to take to work.”

“I got a Food Handler’s card through the MCC, and it’s a blessing. I am able to go out and do the jobs at the stadium concession, and I am having a ball.  There are also lots of day jobs doing like, basic carpentry, furniture moving, which are excellent jobs and I appreciate the chance to do that.”

Three and a half months after enrolling in the MCC’s supportive employment program, Sam was offered a permanent job as a street ambassador with the Metropolitan Improvement District. He accepted it , but then discovered a construction apprentice program at the University of Washington: the PACE program.  If he was accepted, he would make about $23 an hour!

“Seattle is an expensive town. With all my bills, I need a healthy wage to be able to support myself. But the apprentice program makes you go through a boot camp to qualify.  You have to carry bricks, shovel rocks into wheelbarrows, off-load the rocks, lift plywood, and transfer piles of rebar.  Then you have to run a certain distance.

“It’s about responsibility. The PACE program does not want someone who wants to laze around.  They want people to go out for work, do the right thing, and earn a wage where you can provide for yourself. They want to make sure you’ll work hard and be ready for a job when you graduate.  I was accepted and will train for 11 weeks.”

But Sam had a program. He could not afford rent to live anywhere but the shelter where he was sleeping. Sam came back to the MCC to ask for one last piece of support: a place to live. And with Jobs Connect funding, the Millionair Club Charity was able to pay for Sam’s rent at MCC’s own Kasota housing building.

“All this would not be possible without the MCC giving me the opportunity to better myself. Through the MCC I have a place to stay, I can do my laundry for free, and my meals are provided at the place I stay.  I do believe this will help me be a success at school.”

“And I want to pass that on to anyone out there who needs help to work. The MCC is where it’s at for good clothing and work.  In fact, I haven’t heard of any organization out there that’s like them.  Everyone should come to the MCC for help because it’s #1.”

“I want to thank the MCC and the staff at the MCC for giving me the opportunity to make myself better. And none of this would be possible without the donors. I want to thank the donors, for giving me this opportunity. I really appreciate y’all.”

“And when I do graduate I will come back to the MCC and volunteer myself. I want to help out and help others.”

You can help many more people like Sam, who want a “hand up, not a hand out,” by donating to the MCC’s supportive employment program today. Donations of any size are appreciated.  Thank you.

B-eautiful October Jobs Report

Millionair Club Charity Mission: provide people who are homeless or have little or no resources, with the supportive employment program services they need, to become job-ready, get out to work, and help rebuild their lives.

From Bellevue’s BJ’s Brewhouse to Beach Clubs, October was a B-eautiful month for MCC workers.  In fact, 447 workers went out on 1,610 job assignments for 98 employers.

Permanent placements were achieved by 24 men and women. Congratulations to Eber E, Christopher P, Benjamin P, John M, Mahal R, Anthony R, Spencer C, Ayse C, Jessica L, Lionel G, Richard G, Sabrina M, Marcus H, Terence G, Rasitlin S, Stephan S, Harold W, Jesus D, Kevin C, Jay V, Lionel G, Jessica L, Richard G.

A shout out to BJ’s Brewhouse in Bellevue, for hiring 12 men and women at their restaurant.

We are so grateful to October’s top employers for all the opportunity they are giving to Seattle’s neediest people. the top five employers in October were:  Delaware North Corporation at Century Link Stadium, 376 workers for 10,632 hours; iClick Industries hired 34 workers for 3,040 hours; Centerplate at Safeco Field hired 80 workers for 1,298 hours; the Metropolitan Improvement District hired 14 workers for 1,104 hours; and Microsoft’s Eventions Team hired 23 workers for 490 hours.

Here is a photo of Lyle working at iClick Industries last month.



Special October employers that deserve mention are:  Mercer Island Beach Club – 26 workers; Mercer Island Country Club – 21 workers.  Led by the Director of Event Employment Ian Downs and his associate Ramy, these workers had the tricky job of manipulating huge canopies to cover the country club swimming pools for the winter.  It calls for very good listening and team work skills, to maneuver the big pool canopies successfully.

Hire a worker today by phoning 206-728-5627 or order online at

Robust September for Worker Success

In the month of September, 2016,  138 Employers provided 1,878 days of work for 430 men and women in the supportive employment program of the Millionair Club Charity. Twenty-six men and women were able to achieve a permanent placement in September 2016.  A new employer – BJ’s Brewhouse headquartered in Redmond – accounted for 7 of the permanent jobs.

Congratulations to the following workers: Juanita L, Blanchard L, Edward M, Natasha O, Paul D, Clark A, Carolyn F, Tae Won S, Travis J, Martin J, Pablo P, Stephany M, Wendy W, James R, Steven M, Alexander G, Brian G, Hanz O, Beard I, Rakeen C, Lwareance H, Clarence M, Steven T, Cedric M, Anthony S, Paul W.

In addition, the top five employers at the Millionair Club Charity in September were:

  • Delaware North Corporation at Century Link Stadium – 6,565 hours of work
  • Centerplate at Safeco Stadium – 3015 hours of work
  • IClick Industries – 1073 hours of work
  • Jobs Connect – 1025 hours of work
  • Bellwether Housing – 488 hours of work

Over the past twelve months, over 1,100 employers have utilized the Millionair Club Charity’s temporary staffing services to hire workers for a wide variety of jobs. In fact, over 800 men and women went out on over 14,000 work assignments.  Go to or call 206-728-5627 and talk to one of the MCC’s Employment Specialists to hire a worker today.

Mark’s story

Mark says, "I received hope and support because of the Millionair Club."

Mark says, “I received hope and support because of the Millionair Club.”

When Mark first came to the Millionair Club Charity, he made sure he was first in line outside our building to find a job.

Soon, Mark found himself working regular daily assignments through our jobs program. He credits the help he received from the Millionair Club Charity as a lifesaver.

“It gave me an opportunity. It gave me some hope. It showed me that someone cared,” Mark says.

Mark received so much high praise from his work that he quickly moved into full-time employment with benefits. Today, Mark is employed full-time as a corporate maintenance engineer for Silver Cloud Inn where he is given the task of keeping all the company’s regional hotels in prime condition. Mark says this is “a dream come true job” for him.

“If it wasn’t for the Millionair Club, none of this would have happened,” Mark says. “It’s a miracle. The Millionair Club saved my life.”

More than just jobs, meals and housing: A little help can go a long way

Key Bank employees volunteer at the Millionair Charity Club in Seattle

In addition to providing our workers with jobs, meals and housing assistance, the Millionair Club Charity also offers the men and women who come to us a variety of important support services you might not know about.

Our support services are tremendously important in helping remove obstacles for our participants that can get in the way of them finding stable employment and housing. Some of the services our staff provide include:

  • Finding school transcripts
  • Budgeting assistance when someone chooses to move back home
  • Helping set up an e-mail account
  • Helping secure work licenses, such as TWIC and CDL
  • Referrals to legal guidance
  • Vision care vouchers when our Eye Clinic is not open
  • Referrals to substance abuse counseling and domestic violence services
  • Assisting military veterans seeking benefits from the Veterans Administration
  • Nutrition and smoking cessation workshops
  • Diabetes, vision and dental screenings
  • Writing résumés
  • Teaching the basics of using a computer and creating a Word document
  • Instructing job seekers about how to search for work and succeed in interviews

Thank you to our staff, volunteers and community partners who provide our workers with these much-needed services.

New Partnership with Habitat for Humanity Offers Workers New Job Skills Training

There’s nothing better than when one great cause helps another.

The Millionair Club Charity is proud to announce a new partnership with Habitat for Humanity of Seattle/South King County to offer more work and training opportunities to our workers.

This new partnership came to fruition when we identified mutual needs within our two organizations.

Habitat for Humanity’s work in building housing for low-income families cannot happen without workers with experience in construction, repair, painting, warehouse and maintenance. This is where the Millionair Club steps in, as we can provide the qualified workers needed for Habitat for Humanity’s numerous projects around this area.

Starting this month, our workers will be given the chance to work for Habitat for Humanity for a three-month period to gain practical work experience and valuable skills to strengthen their resumes.

Vernon, who recently found work through our Day Labor Referral Program, can testify to how important it is to gain work experience during this tough job market.

“[The Millionair Club Charity] has gotten me more job experience and I really appreciate the effort that they put into the work services that they provide,” Vernon tells us.

We are excited to launch this new work program that will help build housing for low-income families while giving workers like Vernon more opportunities to land permanent employment.